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Do you recycle? Do you consider your self eco minded? Do you try to do all sorts of little things that add up to protecting the planet? 

It's a new mindset for many , yet it's one that we all should consider.

As an artist , I created Schneblies® as a visual reminder to "do the right thing"


Schneblies® are a whimsical way to remind us that we are talking about Mother Earth! Let's protect her and ensure clean water, clean air and a safe place for us and for future generations.

Elsewhere on this site you will find that I enjoy whimsical art that continues to be recognized for the fresh and happy feeling it has - everyone tells me that it makes them smile....and that makes me smile too.



So What are Schneblies™?

Schneblies™ are whimsical frog like critters. Their mission is to remind you about something that isn't whimsical- the health of our planet. Did you know that frogs are one of the most vulnerable species on Earth?
Their skin isn't waterproof and it's thin and easily absorbs water and oxygen.
Why is this important?
Frogs suffer from pollution even when they don't drink water through their mouths. The result is that they are one of the fastest disappearing species on the planet! The decline in the frog population tells us something. They are warning us... and asking us to be mindful. Schneblies™ have taken on the job of speaking for our amphibean friends.
How did I get into frogs??????
 It all started at summer camp on Cape Cod....the woods, the lake and those little hoppy toads. It was there that began my fascination with the little toad that shared our spaces.
    Fast forward and years later as an adult, I was at a fitness ranch in Mexico that had an art studio. Something posessed me to paint a frog on a river rock. When I returned home with my newest accomplishment I devoted myself to painting them in as many different color combinations as possible. A friend invited me to display them in his day spa and they flew off the walls! They were so well received it was obvious that I had created something special.
    A few years later I was lucky enough to take one of those girls trips that you never forget. I like to call it the Thelma, Louise and Louise trip of a lifetime. Our adventure began in Sedona, Arizona. There I learned that Sedona was the wife of Mr. Shnebley, who had founded the area and that Shnebley Hill Road was named after him.
    Our travels took us to San Carlos, Mexico where I first saw Oaxacan carvings. I immediately saw a connection between my schneblies™ and the carvings. Their color combinations and odd personalities, not to mention the detail, inspired me to try it with my new passion! Somehow I started calling them Schneblies and upon my return home, my little frogs finally had a name....My little friends, who I had grown so fond of and passionate about, became Schneblies™! 
All Schneblies sold benefit The National MS Society. They will soon be available throught their website. To learn more about Multiple Sclerosis go to www.nationalMSsociety.org
     Remember, everything happens for a reason. Schneblies™ WILL put a smile on your face . . . I promise!

Can you guess where Schneblie is by his photograph below?

What’s Goin’ On

Be on the lookout for my brand new web site! www.ecomindedearthloving.com
for information about Schneblies and their mission! Coming soon!
read about Susie in Women with Know How http://www.spark-studios.com/wwkh/0909/
Schneblies are going to be the mascot for Kids Fair!!!!!!!!!
Save the date! March 14th at the Guilliard Auditorium in Charleston .

  SchneBling jewelry available at-
  Maggie Rose, downtown Summerville, SC
  Zinnia -  Mt. Pleasant
  Open House, S Windermere, Charleston
  Cocobella Boutique - Greenville, SC
  Sedona Clothing Company -  Sedona, Arizona
  Schneblie prints available at Rainer - W End, Greenville SC
  Susieart Cards available at Hair Spa - Halton Rd - Greenville , SC
                    Indigo Books,Fresh Fields Village, Kiawah, SC

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